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  • Acronym: CBL
  • Class: cannabicyclol
  • Formula: C21H30O2
  • Molecular Weight.: 314.469 g/mol
  • CAS: 21366-63-2

[check]Cannabicicle (CBL) is one of the minority phytocannabinoids generated in the plant by the chemical degradation of neutral cannabinoids. In this case, Cannabicromene (CBC) is converted into CBL when degraded by natural irradiation or under acidic conditions. (+UV?,+Oxidation?).

CBL is not a psychoactive cannabinoid as neither is CBC, its natural precursor.

There is not much scientific literature on Cannabicicle since it is a very minor component and it is more difficult to obtain it in isolation from the plant and alternative forms of synthesis are also used. The first that was achieved was through pyridine-catalyzed condensation of Citral and Olivetol. In addition, another route of synthesis is assumed by the decarboxylation of Cannabiciclolic Acid (CBLA).