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  • Flavors:
  • Also found in: Mango, Thyme, Citrus, Lemongrass, Hops

  • Class: Monoterpene
  • Formula: C10H16
  • Molecular Weight.: 136.1252 g/mol
  • Boiling Point: 166-168º
  • CAS: 123-35-3

Myrcene is a linear monoterpene, precursor to many other terpenes. In nature we find different plant species with high concentrations of myrcene, such as hops, mango, thyme and cannabis, among others. It has clove, musk, herbs and even citrus aroma. Its flavor is balsamic (strong and sweet), fruity, herbal, and can be similar to geranium and in some cases mold.

It is one of the most important terpenes in cannabis plants, we could even say that it is the best known. Myrcene is in high concentration in genetic varieties of indica predominance and this was reinforced by new research based on terpenic balances that take as reference the concentration of myrcene to establish a differentiation between pure indica, pure sativa and hibrid. It is known that Myrcene acts in synergy with THC and CBD, making it more effective or modulating its psychoactive, therapeutic and medicinal effects. It has also been shown that this terpene modifies the blood brain barrier, making it more permeable and favoring the absorption of cannabinoid compounds. In summary, it could be affirmed that marijuana varieties with a higher content of myrcene tend to have more relaxing or even sedative effects, but also depending on the ratio of THC and CBD present.