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  • Flavors:
  • Also found in: Kaempferia angustifolia, Kaempferia rotunda

  • Class: Monoterpene
  • Formula:
  • CAS: 79-92-5

This bicyclic monoterpene is a minor constituent of several essential oils (camphor, cypress, fir, rosemary, thyme, citronella, orange blossom, ginger, etc.). Therefore, at the industrial level, it is obtained by catalytic isomerization of alpha-pinene, and subsequent isolation by distillation, since it is more abundant in nature.

Its smell reminds of pine and fresh wood but with an acrid and sharp touch. The flavor varies between camphor, naphthalene and oil. In cannabis its presence is lower, even sporadic according to the genetic lines we analyze. Even so, its intensity qualifies the terpene profiles of some commercial varieties, generating disparate results in terms of aroma and flavor.