What does the price of professional cannabis seeds include?

What does the price of professional cannabis seeds include?

The price of professional genetics can vary from as little as €1 to more than €20 for a seed. It is logical that many users, especially beginners, do not understand this huge difference for the same product. To understand why, it is necessary to know in detail the work developed by the banks and their breeders.

It is normal to find seeds in some flowers even if our crop is totally isolated from any males. When this happens the resulting genetics are usually very different from the original. Marijuana is a plant with immense genetic variability when breeding. Therefore it is impossible to maintain genetics through the resulting seeds.

Genetic design and conservation

The design of new varieties is a slow process that does not always produce a successful result. The expertise and experience of each breeder in combining genetics is essential. The banks subject each new variety to germination tests, chromatographic analysis, hermaphroditism, growth and flowering control, in order to guarantee as far as possible a good harvest.


Seed banks invest huge efforts to conserve genetics. Starting from mother plants from which clones are extracted to produce seeds that can guarantee all the characteristics over time, there are historical varieties with more than 20 years on the market.

Thanks to this genetic preservation, today we can enjoy mythical strains that have marked the history of Cannabis as well as unforgettable moments in our lives. In addition to endemic, native or "landrace" genetics collected on all continents, at different times in history, which we can enjoy today.

Meeting the new demands of the market

Banks invest considerable resources in R+D to offer us new lines such as feminised, autoflowering, early flowering or the most recent strains, rich in CBD. Thanks to this work, cannabis has increased its genetic variability and the community can benefit from new genetics that best suit their needs.


Creating a cannabis culture

Over the last few decades, seed banks have provided the backbone of today's cannabis culture, by dignifying it, making it more professional and giving it a higher profile through their financial support for fairs, magazines, conferences, cups, events, etc. These tasks have been carried out despite the legal persecution to which marijuana has been subjected in most countries.

The price of marijuana seeds does not only include the cost of packaging and production. By buying professional seeds we acquire quality and guarantees for our crop, and we also contribute to the prosperity of the cannabis community.

A good harvest pays off any initial investment.

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