About Marihuana Labs®

Marihuana Labs® is the first free independent cannabis seeds search-comparison engine. Our database includes the gene banks that offer the best quality guarantee and technical information about their cannabis seeds.

Marihuana Labs® collects all existing information, often confusing, about marihuana and related companies, in a sole cannabis platform. Thanks to this new tool, our users save time and money by keeping themselves updated and informed about all deals and offers without checking hundreds of web pages about marihuana and seeds worldwide.

Marihuana Labs® has developed their own cannabis seeds cataloguing method for years. Using algorithms, which our R&D team keep developing, cannabis technical characteristics searches are possible. We also help banks increase the number of analyses and level of information of the products they offer for the benefit of the world cannabis community by meeting the user specific necessities.

Find the cannabis strain that best suits you


Marihuana Labs® takes off in the early 2017, thanks to the devotion of a group of people involved in cannabis activism. Our free search service is supported by years of experience in cannabis companies and many others of research about the existing technical information. Our objective is to provide the most comprehensive and faithful information, technical and medical, in benefit of society.

In this regard, Marihuana Labs® is formed by professionals from different fields: public health, biochemistry, agriculture, as well as graphic design and web development. This diversity allows us to comprehend all special features of cannabis with a view to the whole system.


We want to become the guide to help you choose the genetic varieties that best meet your necessities. In Marihuana Labs®, we check and bring verified information to advise people who visit us.

We have always believed in the power that cannabis plants have to offer. We also recognize the contribution of cannabis companies to the spreading of the knowledge about marihuana. In front of the existing complexity in this field, we thought it was necessary to create a platform that could effectively meet users’ necessities in a flexible way in order to conform the requirements of the growing and changing cannabis global market.