FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What will you find here?

Dive into the most complete and advanced cannabis seed variety guide on the market, you can find from the most classic genetics to the latest news in the cannabis sector.

We exclusively select the most professional seed banks that offer the best guarantees so that, apart from getting informed, you do not waste time nor money.

How to find what you are looking for?

MarihuanaLabs.com is a tool for consultation and dissemination of information about cannabis. Our goal is to make it possible for you to find what you are searching for in the easiest and fastest way possible but without influencing your decisions.

If you already know what you are seeking, simply enter the name in the search engine and click on your choice in the drop-down menu. To see all the results related to your search, press 'Enter' or select 'Search by'. You can find genetic strains of cannabis, the seed banks that produce the seeds, your favorite flavors and aromas, the origins and effects of each strain, etc.

When you find a suitable genetics for your needs, you can consult all the data by pressing the 'Details' button or press the 'Purchase' button, and we will redirect you to the official website of the gene bank so that you can place the order directly.

Save yourself unexpected results!

On our website you will never find companies which sell seeds in bulk or that do not certify the chain of custody, conservation and design of their products. Therefore, in our database you will never find genetics created by web users, amateur breeders nor dispensaries.

How to take advantage of our sections?

Visit the different sections of the web to discover new cannabis strains and companies. You will find searches by different themes to guide you in your choice, whatever your preferences.

Seed banks
Learn about the history of brands, order by different parameters and select from the varieties offered by each seed bank.

You will be able to find all commercial cannabis varieties, filter and sort them, according to your preferences.

Select your favorite flavors or aroma from our periodic table, combine them easily, quickly and interactively. Find out which professional varieties match your tastes.

In products with many results, the seed card does not show the flavor or aroma chosen in the table, you can look at the product details to see all the flavors and aromas separately.

How to buy cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds are not sold nor distributed at marihuanalabs.com, all purchases and shipments are made through the companies that own each product. By pressing the 'Purchase' button we will direct you to the chosen product on the seed bank's website.

Where does the data assigned to each product come from?

In our guide you will only find information disseminated by brands or that which they provide us directly.

How are results sorted?

We treat information in an objective and unbiased way, for this reason, we have developed our own method of cataloging and organizing data, which focuses on the main technical characteristics of products.

We use our own algorithm, designed to determine the order according to the amount of data offered by brands, which will help you find the cannabis products with the most complete information. When several genetics coincide with the selected parameters, the one with the most data is shown first.

The results shown in the searches are always in accordance with the chosen criteria. Filters and display preferences can be changed at any time.

Who is this website aimed at?

It is essential to be of legal age, 18 or 21, depending on the country. By accessing the website, users agree not to share content with minors.

We would like everyone to be able to get informed easily on our website, both beginners, amateurs or professionals of cannabis culture.

Prices and packaging

Are product prices always final prices?

We do not manage sales nor apply commissions, so you will always see the real prices provided by production companies on their website. Offers, discounts and gifts are also managed by manufacturers.
Default currency is Euro (€) but we have a currency plug-in for conversion to Dollars ($) and Pounds (£) that automatically adapts to the exchange rate and thus there may be cases of small variations in the final price.

How are prices displayed?

So that you can check the price of each seed in all different packs offered by banks, we show you two prices: the one for the package with the minimum amount of seeds and the price at which the unit comes out in that package.

Are there packages or packaging of seeds of all numerical formats?

Each seed bank packs its seeds in different quantities, the most common formats being 1, 3, 5 and 10 seeds. We show you all the packaging options and prices of each seed in the profile of each product.


A link which does not work?

If you detect a link to a product or seed bank that does not work correctly, send us an e-mail with all you can tell us about the error. Our technical team will solve it as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that the problem may be due to the product being out of stock or discontinued by the gene bank.

Did you find a problem on a provider's website?

If you see an error or if you are having trouble completing an order on a seed bank's website, please contact the company in question. We have no control over other websites.

What are the minimum requirements for navigation?

This website can be accessed from any mobile device, tablet or desktop. It is recommended to use updated systems and with the highest resolution possible.

This site is designed to work with Mozilla Firefox. It is also optimized for other browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari.